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Do your clients know how much you do for them?

Every day you’re pushing the envelope for your clients. Working hard at making sure their projects end up successful. But if you call, email, or text every time you take any action all you’ll succeed at is overloading yourself in replies. How can you ensure that your clients know you’re working hard for them, without spending all day talking or writing reports instead of doing the work?

Enter StatusDeck. A dedicated feed for each project you’re working on. With a blog-like editor, webhook, and Zapier integrations you can quickly craft update messages for projects or have them automatically created as you complete actions like todos in your other systems.

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What’s the Status?

Has anyone ever asked you for a status update? A request for a status update is a red flag. It means your client’s communication expectations have not been met. It means they feel like they don’t know what’s going on.

Keep your clients happy by keeping them in the loop for every important update without inviting them to see your whole todo list. When you invite your clients to a project on StatusDeck you choose how often they receive updates. Trying to keep your head above water and drowning in client communication? Set the expectation from the start and have notifications sent daily, weekly, or monthly to get back in control.

Dedicated Client Website

Clients have a single location where they can view files and scroll through the entire history of their project.

Easy Integration

StatusDeck stands on its own as a centralized communication hub, but make it even more powerful by working with your existing CRM with our Zapier and Webhook integrations.

Rich Text Editor

Create updates with a rich text editor in seconds. Format your updates into reports that are easy to read.

Client Tailored Updates

You and your client choose how often they get updates – as they happen, daily, weekly or monthly. With automated e-mails that provide the most up to date status of their project or anthing else you want to keep them up to date on.

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Personalized Client Page

One page to display all of the most up to date information on your client’s project. Automated communication will save you time and interruptions all while keeping your client in the know.

Managing client expectations doesn't have to be hard.

You already have your workflow down, you know how to get tasks done on time. You don’t need another project management system, you just need the results of your work to be communicated to your clients. StatusDeck gives you a place to communicate the work that’s been done, without getting in your way and prescribing how to do it. Stick with the systems you know and love while cutting down on client communication, increasing client satisfaction and ultimately saving your sanity.

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