Client Communication Simplified

 Save yourself time and create happier clients with one simple strategy – automated client communications. Your clients get a highly personalized page and daily communications, providing the status of their project, you get more time to focus on their goals. 

Get It Done With Us

Client communication is crucial in any business. Keep your client updated and manage all of your client communications in one place. 


Dedicated Client Website

Clients can access their StatusDeck page 24/7 to see any realtime updates to their project.

Easy Integration

StatusDeck stands on its own as a centralized communication hub, but make it even more powerful by working with your existing CRM with Zapier integration. 


Rich Text Editor

Create professional reports with a rich text editor in seconds. Format your updates into reports that are easy to read. 

Client Tailored Updates

You and your client choose how often they get updates – as they happen, daily, weekly or monthly. Create professional automated e-mails that provide the most up to date status of their project, goals and deadlines. 

Personalized Client Page

One page to display all of the most up to date information on your client’s project.  Automated communication will save you time and interruptions all while keeping your client in the know. 

Managing your business doesn’t have to be hard.

You work hard and your software should too! StatusDeck will make your day-to-day work flow easier with less interruptions. Automating your client communications keeps your clients well informed and gives you with more time to focus on the bigger things. 

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